Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Waiting for the day to end
Though silence came too late
turn my eyes inside
close the lids
deny the world to enter

'cause I'm turning the desires down
again rose the monstrous
of hours in between
taint the thought
the trauma born inside


Set against these hardest hours
Anger paled, for in this fear
the theft of privacy
We all see it break sometimes
see it tear us apart
that which left behind
screams out loud this night
So much is asked in silence
Expect not and you'll find
Thousand miles
from the nearest truth
Rotating, Etangled
- I continue not to heal

Certo che quando si cominciano a trascrivere brani di testi dei Dark Tranquillity l'orlo non è mica tanto lontano...
Non sarà magari il caso di andare a letto ?
Almeno il mondo notturno è ricco e pieno come sempre.

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